Submitting a Fanfic

In order to maintain this site's quality, I will only archive fics that I like. However, I do not discriminate against any pairings or genres; I mainly judge by the quality of writing. The following rules and guidelines should be followed in order for the fanfic submission to be considered:

Technical Guidelines:

  1. The fic should not be riddled with spelling/grammatical errors. Please have someone beta your fic before submitting.
  2. The fic should contain a title, the author's name and contact info (unless you want to remain anonymous), pairing(s) (if any), rating, summary, and any other info you'd like to include.
  3. The fic should be spaced properly! Put an extra return in between paragraphs. It makes it a lot easier to read and to archive.
  4. The fic must be over 100 words long.
  5. The fic must be your own work. If there's a fic written by someone else you'd like to see archived here, please let me know and I'll email the author and ask!

Content Guidelines

  1. The fic must have Drusilla as the main character or one of the main characters.
  2. Characters should be 'in character', not blatantly OOC.
  3. Fics should not blatantly contradict established canonical facts of Buffyverse. (e.g. mixing up who sired who)
  4. No AU fics in which the character(s) aren't vampires/their assigned roles in Buffyverse.
  5. No 'porn without plot' fics. NC-17 fics that have plot are fine.
  6. The fic must not detail sexual situations or explicit violence involving minors (aged 16 or under).
  7. The fic must not involve any threats to real, living persons.

Got all that? Great! Then you can email Sibella with your submission. Please put something in the subject section that tells me this is a fanfic or related to Charm School, otherwise I might mistake it for spam. If the fanfic is already somewhere on the web, you can just give me the title and link. If not, please attach the fic (.doc or .txt) in your email.

Submitting a Challenge

If you'd like to submit a writing challenge, please email me with the following info:

Volunteering to be a Beta Reader

If you'd like to be a beta-reader for Drusilla-centric fanfic, please email me with the following info:

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