Writing the Crazies: Drusilla

by Karen Sparkowich

I've always found that writing the crazies, namely our batty Drusilla, the most challenging and crazying experience out there! Spike, he's a barrel of monkeys to write, and it's interesting to get into some of the baddie's heads, figure out what makes them tick, what makes them, well, themselves. But if you ever want a very rewarding, and awesome experience, try writing Drusilla. If done right, it's the greatest feeling of mastery. And first off, I wanna say I wanna be the first to read it! And second, I want to help you do it right!

First things first, Dru is crazy, and her mind is permanently about eight years old. So dig deep, watch a couple Disney movies, whatever can get you to be eight again. The crazy part… well, you're on your own there. I'm crazy, so I'm there already.

Second thing to remember, Dru is almost a flashy character, in the sense that she's flowing. Flowing motions. It's not, 'she walked into the room', it's 'she danced into the room, the long white gauzy gown flowing out behind her'. She has this own little tune in her head that no one else can hear.

Third, she doesn't always make sense. To her, Angel is 'Daddy', and Spike, with her accent, is 'Spoike'. But don't try accents just yet, even the best writers don't write them, sometimes. It's not essential to the character. And she's not going to come out and say something, she might dance around it.

Fourth, depending on what time, don't forget Sunshine, or Miss Edith, or all her other dolls. Even the birds. She's only a child, remember. And she loves punishing her dolls.

Fifth, the visions. They seem to scare, and even hurt her. She's going to moan, and weep. "Ohh! Ohh!" And she switches moods at the drop of a hat. She can be fearful one moment, and then pissed off the next. She can be strong and evil, then flopped on the floor, as weak as a newborn kitten the next. It's getting the right balance that's hard. And when she's describing what she sees, remember, not only that she's eight, but things aren't clear to her.

Few other things to keep in mind, most important, when writing a Dru-centered fic, or even if she has one main part—you need lots of description when writing her. You don't want, "The king has awoken! And he shall teach that bad girl to mind her manners." She said, coming over to him. It's much more…well, Drusilla-ish, this way, "The king has awoken! And he shall teach that bad girl to mind her manners." She gazed at him through slitted eyes, before biting the air and dancing off.

And Drusilla might have the brain capacity of a child, but she is still aware of herself. Her movements are very sensual. She runs her hands over her body, and in her saner moments, she acts like any other woman, who's going to be young and beautiful forever. She likes sitting on Spike's lap, at least when he was in the wheelchair, and pitting Spike and Angel against each other, letting them fight over her. She runs her hands over both of their bodies, trying to get them riled up.

If you need more help writing a Drusilla fic, then I'd have to suggest going back and watching season two. Once you watch enough, you can get into the character's head, and that's where you wanna be when you're writing a fic based on them.

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