The Prague Problem: Dealing with Drusilla's Mysterious Malady

by Evette

I started shipping Spike and Drusilla with the first episode of Buffy that I saw, "Crush". Imagine my dismay when I found out that the pretty girl with dark hair and the dollies would not be coming back next week. That and the whole Spike in love with Buffy thing left this new-to-school shipper at a loss. I found myself going through tie-in novels and comic books of varying quality over the summer to get my fix. In season six there was the very pretty train wreck of Spike/Buffy. I liked it, but it wasn't Spike and Drusilla. I entertained hope that Spike would get his chip out and return to his princess and there would be much blood and carnage. Instead he got a soul and pulled a Jesus for the world. Now he's married to fighting the good fight with Angel.

Now sane people would point out that this ship was already dead when I boarded it; those people would be kind of right. Though, it still begs the question: why do Spike and Drusilla together cause me to start humming Dido lyrics (ok usually it's the Sex Pistols' "Submission" but I digress)?

Spike and Drusilla fit several very specific archetypes. Joss has said that he based them on Sid & Nancy (infamous punk rock couple that lived a passionate life of addiction, insanity, and devotion to one another until he killed her). Spike is anarchy and violence personified and Drusilla is his disturbed lover. Spike and Drusilla also have the destined soul mates thing going for them (think Buffy and Angel if they were both full-time evil). Drusilla picks him to be her "brave knight" and Spike believes that Drusilla is his "destiny". Is it a bit cheesy? God yes, but it is romantic. They did love each other with a passionate love. They also deal with unrequited love. Spike loves in scary, burning, freakish way. Drusilla with her shattered mind and attachment to Angelus (and some would argue a somewhat more realistic approach to matters of the heart than Spike) can never love him the way he loves her. Spike loves her and stays with her knowing that while she may love him, it will never be as much as he loves her. There are themes of submission, dominance, manipulation that run throughout their relationship. Drusilla always has the upper hand with Spike—even when she allows him to think otherwise—and Spike likes that. He knows that he is "love's bitch" and believes that real love makes you its bitch. For Spike love, the screwy scary love that he has for things, is what makes his world go around. Insert Spike's big scary oedipal issues and Drusilla's need to create a family and daddy issues and they become full of incesty, creepy goodness.

They were together for a over a century. They've been there, done that, and killed the t-shirt guy. There are so many things that they have experienced and been around for. They bring a timeless "always" vibe to the mix also. You know Drusilla and Spike are living forever and as long as they're both alive one could always be waiting around the corner for the other one. They are history, reconciliation, addiction, love, and family.

Why Spike & Drusilla? They loved each other for over a century. They were filled with passion, devotion, and big evil insanity. There is an infinite amount of things that can be explored with these two. Because whatever dark twisted stuff you come up, it can work for them. If you want violent blood-spattered fluff they can do that too. Because they're pretty and started that whole sex against walls thing anyway.

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