Vampire Timeline

by Tania

1609 - Darla, a prostitute, is sired by the Master on her death bed in the Virginia Colonies {Darla}

1727 - Liam is born in Galway, Ireland to a linen and silk merchant. {The Prodigal}

1753 - Liam meets Darla, a vampire, and is turned. {Becoming Part 1}

1753 - Liam rises from the grave, his first kill is the cemetery's groundskeeper. {The Prodigal}

1753 - Liam kills his family, friends and the rest of his village, he takes the name Angelus, after his sister Kathy mistakes him for an Angel. {The Prodigal}

1753-1760 - Angelus eats his way through Ireland, South Wales and Northern England. Declares Yorkshire men are tough as leather. {Darla}

1760 - Angelus meets Darla's sire, The Master, proceeds to royally piss him off and convince Darla to continue their bloody holiday throughout Europe. {Darla}

1764 - Angelus and Darla kill a vampire hunter (Daniel Holtz)'s family in York, England, turning his daughter Sarah. {Quickening, Lullaby}

1765 - After visiting Italy, staying at the finest hotels and eating the staff, Angelus and Darla travel to France, followed by Holtz, who traps them in a barn where Darla clobbers Angelus with a 2x4 and leaves him, while she escapes with their horse. {The Trial}

1765-1767 - Angelus catches up with Darla in Vienna, and makes her pay and pay for deserting him. Can you imagine the things they did? Not if you're in love. They later eat a troubadour in Madrid. {Heartthrob}

1767 - Angelus and Darla visit Marseilles, France with young vampires in love James and Elizabeth. Angelus has a short meeting with Holtz, tells him where Darla is and ends up with numerous arrows in him, whining about always being left for dead. {Heartthrob}

1767-1771 - Angelus and Darla lose Holtz somewhere in North Africa, Morocco if given as a possible destination. {Heartthrob, Offspring}

1771 - Holtz catches Angelus in Rome, Darla comes to his rescue, they don't kill Holtz, because he's like family, it's more fun to let him suffer. {Offspring}

1773 - Holtz stops chasing Darla and Angelus after making a pact with the demon Sahjan.{Dad}

1786 - Angelus sires a Puritan named Penn, teaching him the do's of Vampirism, like carving a cross into the cheek of your victim and killing your family as soon as you rise. {Somnabulist}

1789 - Angelus gets sidetracked on his way to Vienna, ends up eating pastry-filled Prussian girls and meeting the Beast. {Soulless}

1838 - Angelus spends Christmas playing cards in Dublin, Ireland, eats those that end up owing him money, including a man named Daniel who was to be married the same week. {Amends}

1845 - Angelus visits a little town outside of Tuscany and meets a forgettable vampire named Rosaria. {Salvage}

1850's-1860's - Angelus meets the French poet Baudelaire, and possibly the painter Monet. Angel implies Le Vampyr may have been written about him. {She}

1860 - Angelus meets Drusilla in London, England, he later kills her family, drives her insane and turns her on the same night she takes her vows as a nun. {Dear Boy}

1860 - Drusilla has a vision of men working in the mines and having a cave in, her vision later comes true sending her to a confessional where she unknowingly meets Angelus {Becoming Part I}

1880 - Drusilla meets William in London, a man scorned by a vengeance demon named Halfrek, under the guise of a noblewoman, Cecily, William let's Drusilla sire him. {Fool For Love, Darla}

1880 - William turns his mother, who is dying of Tuberculosis, into a vampire, but later stakes her when he realizes that the woman who loved him is dead, and only a monster remains. {Lies my Parents Told Me}

1880 - The Royal London Hotel - After Darla is called back to the Master's Court, a newly turned William meets Angelus for the first time. Angelus says he is looking forward to a male traveling companion and asks if that makes him some sort of deviant. {Destiny}

1880 - William changes his name to Spike, in Yorkshire, after acquiring a taste for torturing his victims with railroad spikes. He also learns what a slayer is, after trapping the gang in a mineshaft, and nearly being staked by Angelus. {Fool For Love}

1880-1897 - At some point after his turning and before Bram Stoker's book makes him famous, Spike meets Dracula, comes out of the meeting 11 pounds poorer. {Buffy Vs. Dracula}

1883 - Back in London, Angelus eats a maid at a party, possibly going to her home later and eating her son, who is home alone. {Amends}

1897 - Angelus watches the ballet, Giselle, he cries like a baby, and he's evil. {Waiting in the Wings}

1897-1898 - Angelus and Darla take a trip to Budapest and do considerable damage to a town already reeling from the effects of an earthquake. {Angel}

1898 - In Rumania, Darla presents Angelus with a gypsy girl for his birthday. Her tribe takes their revenge by cursing Angelus with a soul. {Angel, Fool For Love, Darla, Five by Five}

1898 - Angelus deserts Darla, Spike and Drusilla. {Fool For Love, Darla}

1900 - Angelus returns to the Fearsome Foursome, but still cannot feed on humans, due to that whole guilty conscious. He does however kill several evil-doers. {Fool For Love, Darla}

1900 - Spike kills a slayer in China, during the Boxer Rebellion {Fool For Love, Darla}

1900 - After saving a missionary's child from Darla, Angel again leaves his 'family'. {Darla}

1902 - Angelus takes a boat to New York, because there just aren't enough Irish on Ellis Island. {Orpheus}

1920's - Angel saves a puppy in Chicago, for the love of god make it end. {Orpheus}

1920's - Angel fights a demon named Boone over a senorita in Juarez, the fight lasts three and a half hours, but ends on account of sunrise and honor. {Blood Money}

1930's - Angel visits Missoula, Montana, calls it 'Pretty Country', although he admits he was depressed there. {City of…}

1937 - The master is trapped in a church on the Hellmouth in Sunnydale during an earthquake. {Welcome to the Hellmouth, The Harvest}

1946 - Angel visits Las Vegas, plays tennis with Bugsy Segal. {The House Always Wins}

1952 - Angel, now living in the Hyperion Hotel, room 217, tries to stop a Thesulac demon and ends up getting hung by an angry mob. {Are You Now or Have You Ever Been}

1960's - Angel meets the Rat Pack, once, twice, maybe three times. Gives advice to Sammy Davis Jr. {The House Always Wins}

1963 - Spike kills orphans in Vienna, also takes out two members of the Watcher's Council {Lineage}

1967 - Angel crashes Elvis and Priscilla's wedding reception in Las Vegas, he enjoys fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches while being drunk and surly. {The House Always Wins}

1969 - Spike attends the Woodstock festival, he feeds off a flower person and spends five hours staring at his hand. {School Hard}

1975-76 - Angel plays Manilow on the jukebox and drowns his sorrow in a dead cashier. Repentance is a bitch. {Orpheus}

1977 - Spike stalks and kills another Slayer, Nikki Wood, in New York, stealing her leather duster when he's done. {Fool For Love, Lies My Parents Told Me}

1996 - Angel meets Whistler, a balancing demon, in New York, where he is doing his impression of the stink guy, living off rats. {Becoming Part 1}

1996 - Whistler takes Angel to Los Angeles, California, where he sees the new Slayer, Buffy Summers, and falls in love, he must love vapid teenage girls. {Becoming Part 1}

1997 - April 14th - Angel stakes Darla, at the Bronze. {Angel}

1997 or earlier - Drusilla is beaten by an angry mob in Prague. {School Hard}

1997 - September 29th - Drusilla and Spike move to Sunnydale, California. {School Hard}

1997 - September 29th - Spike finds the annoying one, ruins his plans for the night of St. Vigious, gets hit in the head with an axe by Joyce Summers, then puts the anointed one into a cage and hoists him into the sun. {School Hard}

1997 - November 7th - Spike sires Billy Fordham, Buffy's 5th grade crush, Buffy kills him the second he rises. {Lie to Me}

1997 - November 17th - Spike kidnaps Angel and lets Drusilla give him a holy water bath. {What's My Line Part 2}

1997 - November 24th - Spike ties a topless Angel to Drusilla during a ritual to restore Drusilla's strength. When it's done Buffy drops a pipe organ on them both. Drusilla and Spike, now in a wheelchair, spend the Christmas holiday collecting pieces of the Judge. Nothing says I love you like a leg in a box. {What's My Line Part 2, Surprise, Innocence}

1998 - January 19th - Angel and Buffy do the horizontal mambo, Angel loses his soul, reverting to Angelus. {Surprise, Innocence}

1998 - January 20th - Angelus joins Spike, Drusilla and the judge in trying to destroy the world, or at least the Sunnydale shopping Mall. Buffy kicks him in the nay-nays for his trouble. {Innocence}

1998 - January 27th - Angelus sires Theresa, Buffy's friend from school. Xander later stakes her. {Phases}

1998 - February 14th - Spike gives Drusilla a necklace for Valentine's Day, Angelus gives her a still-warm heart he found in a quaint little shopgirl. {Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered}

1998 - February 24th - Angelus snaps Jenny Calendar's neck after she tries to find a spell to restore his soul. He then props her up in Giles's bed as a present. {Passion}

1998 - February 25th - Angelus, Spike and Drusilla move into the Crawford Street mansion. {I Only Have Eyes For You}

1998 - April 28th - Angelus and Buffy are possessed by the spirits of dead lovers. Buffy shoots him, drops him off a balcony and then makes-out with him until the spell is broken. Angelus goes home and exfoliates till he bleeds, then goes toddler hunting with Drusilla. {I Only Have Eyes for You}

1998 - May 12th - Angelus tries to bring forth the demon Acathla, when he fails he sends Drusilla to kidnap Giles, she kills Kendra the Slayer in the process. {Becoming Parts 1 &2}

1998 - May 19th - Angelus tortures Giles, Spike allies himself with Buffy to stop Angelus from revoking his free happy meal card. Buffy invites Spike into her house, he then goes to the mansion to watch Drusilla drool on Giles. {Becoming Part 2}

1998 - May 20th - Angelus and Buffy fight, Spike miraculously suffocates Drusilla, who has no need for air, and drives off in the DeSoto with her, Willow restores Angel's soul shortly after he releases Acathla. Buffy then gives him a goodbye kiss and a sword through the gut, sending him to Hell. Sweet girl. {Becoming Part 2}

1998 - Drusilla and Spike go to Brazil, where she leaves him for a chaos demon, all slime and antlers. {Lover's Walk, Fool for Love}

1998 - October 13th - Angel comes back to Sunnydale, naked, after a thousand years in hell, darn inter dimensional time fluxes. {Faith, Hope, and Trick}

1998 - October 20th - Buffy sees Angel for the first time, chains him up like old times, then lets him break a murderer's neck. {Beauty and the Beasts}

1998 - November 24th - Spike returns to Sunnydale, kidnaps Willow and tries to make her do a spell to get Dru back. He then decides to torture Drusilla until she likes him again and leaves town. {Lover's Walk}

1998 - December 15th - Angel is visited by an evil known as the First, he sees the ghosts of his past kills, visits Giles and decides that he must try to make amends for his past evils. {Amends}

1999 - February 16th - Angel fools Faith the Slayer into thinking he has lost his soul by wearing her as a necktie. {Enemies}

1999 - May 11th - Angel breaks up with Buffy, then shows up at her prom in a dashing tux just to twist the knife. {The Prom}

1999 - May 18th - Faith shoots Angel with a poisonous arrow. {Graduation Day Part 1}

1999 - July 13th - Angel drinks Buffy to rid his body of the poison. {Graduation Day Part 2}

1999 - Angel moves to Los Angeles to become a private detective and brood. {City of…}

1999 - October 5th - Angel meets Doyle, a Bracken demon who gets visions, he decides to fight for the Powers that Be what?( they be what?). He also hires a starving actress, that's Queen C to those who aren't paying attention, to scream when she sees cockroaches. {City of…}

1999 - October 5th - Angel meets Lindsey McDonald, look ma two hands. {City of…}

1999 - October 19th - Spike inexplicably screws Harmony while searching for the Gem of Amara. He later wears the ring into the sunshine, fights with Buffy and proceeds to lose the ring to her. {The Harsh Light of Day}

1999 - October 20th - Spike comes to LA in search of the Gem of Amara, and has his vampire friend Marcus torture Angel for a day. {In the Dark}

1999 - November 9th - Spike is captured by a government group called the Initiative and implanted with a chip that renders him helpless against humans. {Wild at Heart, The Initiative}

1999 - November 16th - Spike escapes from the Initiative, and immediately tries to bite Willow. {The Initiative}

1999 - November 23rd - Angel and Spike visit Giles, not together though, Angel ends up hiding in the shadows, Spike ends up tied to a chair doing his best impression of a pin cushion. {Pangs}

1999 - November 23rd - Buffy follows Angel back to LA, where he is cut by a Mohra demon, making him mortal for a day, which he spends in the sun with Buffy, and in the bedroom making love to the contents of his refrigerator, he decides to give up his mortality to fight evil. {I Will Remember You}

1999 - November 30th - Buffy and Spike get engaged, under a spell, and proceed to gross out all of their friends. {Something Blue}

2000 - Jan. 18th - Penn is killed by Kate Lockley, who stakes Angel at the same time, but misses his heart, on purpose of course. {Somnambulist}

2000 - May 9th - Angel comes to Sunnydale to beat up Buffy's boyfriend Riley. {The Yoko Factor}

2000 - May 23rd - Darla is brought back to life, as a human, by Wolfram & Hart. She is, however, dying of Syphilis, the only contraception in her day being a beaver skin and a bungee cord. {To Shanshu in LA}

2000 - October 24th - Angel sees Darla alive for the first time. {First Impressions}

2000 - November 21st - Angel drinks from Kate Lockley, under the spell of the Shroud of Rahmon. {The Shroud of Rahmon}

2000 - November 28th - Lindsey McDonald invites Angel into his apartment. He and Angel look at medical records, Angel later lets himself be stabbed, burned by crosses and Holy water, then staked to cure Darla's syphilis. He lives but it doesn't work. {The Trial}

2000 - November 28th - Drusilla sires Darla. {The Trial}

2000 - December 19th - Darla rises, cuts a bloody swath through LA and kills 13 lawyers at Holland Manners's home, with help from Drusilla. {Reunion}

2000 - December 19th - Angel fires Wesley, Cordelia & Gunn, after locking the lawyers in a wine cellar with Darla and Dru. {Reunion}

2001 - January 16th - Angel sets Darla & Drusilla on fire. {Redefinition}

2001 - February 13th - Drusilla comes to Sunnydale, on a smorgasbord, I mean train. She then takes Spike to the Bronze and breaks a girl's neck so he can feast on still-warm blood. She then tells Spike that he is in love with the slayer. {Crush}

2001 - February 20th - Angel throws Darla through a glass door then has sex with her three times. Third time being a charm, she leaves pregnant. {Reprise}

2001 - April 24th - Spike has a BuffyBot built for his pleasure, he programs her to think Angel is a spiky haired bloody stupid lame guy. Spike is kidnapped and tortured by Glory the goddess. When the real Buffy finds out he survived the torture to protect her she kisses him. {Intervention}

2001 - May 21st - Buffy jumps into an interdimensionional rift to save the world, drama queen. {The Gift}

2001 - May-September 24th - Angel goes to a monastery in Sri Lanka to work out his Buffy issues, the monastery turns out to be run by soul sucking demons, he fights his way out, makes note to self, white robes look better in the catalog. {Heartthrob}

2001 - September 25th - Darla goes to Puerto Cabazas, Nicaragua looking for a shaman, life being full of surprises, she's got a bun in the oven. The shaman tells her no man can know what is in her, it is not meant to be known. {Heartthrob, That Vision Thing}

2001 - November 5th - Darla shows up in LA at Angel's hotel, very pregnant and very mad. {Offspring}

2001 - November 5th - Holtz awakens from a deep sleep that lasted about 240 years. Then watches a lot of television. {Offspring}

2001 - November 19th - Connor, Angel & Darla's son, is born, when Darla stakes herself in an alley outside Caritas. {Lullaby}

2001 - November 20th - Spike and Buffy have sex, after an hour of fighting foreplay, literally bringing the house down around them. {Smashed}

2002 - December-February - Spike and Buffy have a lot of sex, in his crypt, outside the DoubleMeat Palace, in the cemetery, on Buffy's front lawn, the floor, her bed, with handcuffs, without handcuffs, on the rug, under the rug, oh, you get the idea, I'll stop. {Smashed, Wrecked, Gone, Doublemeat Palace, Dead Things, As You Were}

2002 - February 26th - Buffy breaks up with Spike. Damn multiple orgasms really just too much for a girl. {As You Were}

2002 - March 6th - Holtz kidnaps Connor and jumps into a dimensional tear to QuorToth. {Sleep Tight}

2002 - April 29th - Connor returns from the Quor-Toth dimension, bent on killing Angel. {The Price}

2002 - April 30th - Spike makes all cozy like with another vengeance demon, Anyanka, nearly getting himself killed by her ex-fiance Xander. {Entropy}

2002 - May 7th - Spike tries to rape Buffy in her bathroom, then wonders why he didn't do it. {Seeing Red}

2002 - May 20th - Angel and Cordelia realize they are in love just in time for Cordy to go become a 'higher being' and Connor to trap Angel in a box and drop him to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. {Tomorrow}

2002 - May 21st - Spike goes to Africa and has his soul restored by a demon shaman. {Seeing Red, Two to Go, Grave}

2002 - Sept. 24th - Spike moves into the basement of the new Sunnydale High, and with a little help from The First, goes insane. {Lessons, Beneath You}

2002 - Oct. 6th - Wesley rescues Angel from his box with an ocean view and even gives him some fine UK import blood, fresh from the tap. {Deep Down}

2002 - Oct. 20th - Angel returns to Las Vegas, laments that it was a much nicer place when it was run by the mob. {The House Always Wins}

2002 - Nov. 17th - Angel fights a beast that rose from the earth exactly where Connor was born, he then watches through a window as Connor mates with Mrs. Robinson, I mean, uh, Cordelia. {Apocalypse, Nowish, AKA Rain of Fire}

2002 - Nov. 26th - The First kidnaps Spike, makes him hang around with his shirt off and uses his blood to bring forth a prehistoric vampire. {Never Leave Me}

2003 - Jan. 7th - Buffy rescues Spike from the first, he limps a lot. {Showtime}

2003 - Jan. 29th - Angelus is awakened by the well-meaning crew of Angel Investigations. Oops, the best laid plans… {Awakenings}

2003 - Feb. 4th - Spike gets a little less chipper, get it, less CHIPper, oh whatever, the chip is gone, absentia, nada. Let the games begin. {The Killer in Me}

2003 - Feb. 5th - Angelus escapes from his cage, can you say Duh? {Calvary}

2003 - March 19th - Angelus gets stuffed back in the bottle after feeding on Faith the Vampire Slayer and having a highly amusing trip to his own personal hell. {Orpheus}

2003 - March 25th - Spike battles the son of Nikki the Vampire Slayer, he mercifully leaves him alive. {Lies My Parents Told Me}

2003 - April 2nd - Darla manifests as a ghost and sees Connor for the first time. Angel becomes a grandpa and a meat puppet on the same day, no really, you had to be there. {Inside Out}

2003 - April 15th - Spike reveals to Faith that Angel is "Dull as a table lamp" all are aghast. {Dirty Girls}

2003 - April 16th - Angel takes a bullet and loses the thrall of Jasmine. {The Magic Bullet}

2003 - April 30th - Angel watches said grandchild die by Connor's hand, it's okay, stop crying. {Peace Out}

2003 - May 7th - Connor goes off to live with a nuclear family. {Home}

2003 - May 7th - Angel finally gets that corner office with eastern exposure he's always wanted. {Home, Convictions}

2003 - May 13th - Angel steps into some of Sunnydale's fabulous lighting and the Slayer is attracted to his lips like a 5,000 volt magnet. {End of Days, Chosen}

2003 - May 20th - Spike sacrifices himself to close the Hellmouth. {Chosen}

2003 - October 1st - Angel takes up residence as CEO of Wolfram & Hart, address 1127 Spring Street, Suite #666, Los Angeles, CA 90008. {Convictions}

2003 - October 1st - After being mailed to Angel, Spike mysteriously emerges from the Amulet he wore in Chosen, as a ghost of sorts. Angel also says he has no problem spanking men and doesn't argue when he is called a fairy. {Convictions}

2003 - October 8th - Spike calls Angel Beefcake, calls himself Angel's date, and says he's glad they're back together again. Let the slash begin. {Just Rewards}

2003 - October 22nd - Angel admits he liked Spike's Poetry after Spike compares the two of them to Stills and Nash, Chico and the Man, and Hope and Crosby. Spike also learns how to manipulate objects around him, even in his ghost-like state. {Hellbound}

2003 - October 31st - Angel has sex with Eve, yes it was frightening, but guess what, soul intact. This bodes quite well for our hero. {Life of the Party}

2003 - November 5th - Spike declares the worst parts of being a ghost: not being able to smoke, drink, or diddle his willie. No sense of smell, taste, or touch also suck. {The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco}

2003 - November 19th - Spike gets his Corporeal back on thanks to a flash in the box he receives from Lindsey McDonald. The first think he does is screw Harmony. The second thing he does is beat Angel in a fight for the very first time. {Destiny}

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