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There's only so many ways for two (or more, depending on your story) "people" to have sex. There's only so many love scenes you can add in a story. Which is just as well, because neither of those things are going to make your story hot.

What you want is to show a climaxing of heightened tension. What do the characters have to lose? What are their conflicts? Why are they waiting? Or vise versa, why didn't they wait? What are the consequence, if any, to their coupling?

The of voice of your story/characters/setting is also important. Crude language is not sensual. Sexual, perhaps, but so is gratuitous sex—and eventually your readers are gonna want more from you than that.

Dialogue is not always necessary to sex scenes, although depending on who's delivering the punch lines, language can give the reader a nice insight into what the character is feeling, and it can be very sensual, depending on who says what, if it's done in character, and if it's said on cue.

It's up to you to add sexual tension to your characters and keep the reader steaming for something to happen. Don't hand it over to your readers, they want tension, and suspense. A good way to keep tension between characters is to never lose the reader. Your audience should be attuned to their thoughts, emotions, and that yes, these characters do want each other.


The rest of this is about graphical sex, you have been warned. Legally you must be 18 or older before reading. This is not, however, porn. It is a guide to writing sex. The guide is kept to minimum description.


Head to head. Foot to foot. It's cute and lovable and also referred to as "virgin sex".
Just like the numbers, it means head to foot, foot to head. It's mutual oral sex that both partners can give and receive at the same time.
Where the woman wraps her legs around the guy's waist, usually leaning against a wall, though if your male character is other than human, they could probably pull it off without one.

Wherein both characters lay on their sides, facing the same direction. The man is thus 'spooned' behind the woman. She will have to have one leg slightly drawn up. The man is free for his hands to roam where they please.
Woman on Top:
The woman sits on top of the guy, straddling him. Both hands are free to roam, which is nice for adding extra description to your story as there's space to roam in this position and for your characters to see/feel each other.

Bondage / Dominance / Submission:

Handcuffs, scarves, ropes, torn dresses… Bondage is when one partner is under restraints. Their hands and/or feet are tied down. Catch your readers off guard by having the normally dominate partner restrained.
*Note on scarves that many people are neglecting to put in their stories: When pulled on, a scarf grows tighter, cuts off circulation, and hurts!
When one partner is in control of the other. It's not the same as Sadism & Masochism. Why? Because in Dominance there is no pain involved, it is merely about (faux?) control.
When one partner relinquishes control to another. (Same as dominance, there is no pain involved in simple submission. It's when you get into BDS&M that the pain / pleasure collide). This goes with both Dominance and Submission.
Sadism / Masochism:
S&M. The gist is extreme pain. One person giving it, the other taking it. And both enjoying it.
The desire to inflict pain on others.
The desire to have pain inflicted on you.

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