Drusilla Episodes in Angel

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Dear Boy

It’'s London, 1860 and Darla has a surprise for Angelus. Angelus follows as Darla leads him out into the streets and we see a family with three young daughters. Angelus thinks this is the trophy, three virgins. Darla eggs him on and he looks closer, saying "The one in the middle has something delicate and unique… Did you find me a Saint?" Darla claims that it’s better than that as the girl as ‘the sight’ and the young woman in the middle turns.

It’'s Drusilla and she'’s looking straight at Angelus. The two vampires follow the family and Angelus continues, "“She is pure innocence, yet she sees what's coming, she knows what I'm going to do to her. I'll really have to come up to snuff for this one."

Dru turns away from the vamps and protectively leads her sisters away.

Angelus wants to follow Drusilla further, but Darla stops him, advising him to be patient.

Angelus: "You always come up something new."
Darla: "Keeps me young."

Sisters of Mercy Convent, 1860

Angelus is in the convent, leaning on the edge of a table staring at something. Darla enters the room behind him and he greets her without turning. She mentions the mess outside ‘blood and habits everywhere’ They kiss.

Drusilla is seen in the corner of the room, rambling insanely and emphatically.

Darla is annoyed by her presence, having thought Angelus killed her. He pushes Darla down to the floor and rolls on top of her, explaining he only killed her family.

Dru is special, he has plans for her. Darla rolls them so that she's on top, wondering when they’ll kill her. During? Or after? Angelus sits up, surprising her, he says “Neither.” He plans to turn the hysterical lunatic into a vampire. Darla looks briefly shocked at his depths of brutality.


It’s 1880, London, and Darla, Angelus, and Drusilla are all looming over a recent kill. Dru sulks, saying she feels alone. Angelus tells her that that’s not true, she has them. Drusilla disagrees, “[they] won't even hurt [her] just a little bit.”

Darla cynically responds that all she needs to do is ask while Dru points out that Angelus' mind is too full of “Grandmother” (( A title Darla does *not* appreciate )). She snaps at Dru and Drusilla responds saying, “don’t be cross. I could be your mummy” which, she later will.

Angelus suggests that since Dru’'s so lonely she should make herself a companion. She fancies this idea, thinking it over out loud right as William runs right into them.

Did she pick the bravest, wisest knight in all the land as she wanted? Or the first drooling idiot that came along, as Darla suggested is anybodies guess.

Cutting to the Gypsy Village, 1898, Darla has ordered Spike and Drusilla to kill everyone in the camp as revenge for what they have done to Angelus. Drusilla and Spike have not been informed as to where Angelus is or what has happened to him. When Dru confronts Darla on it, the blonde vampire simply tells her to get back to slaughtering the masses.

Darla tells the leader of the camp that his family is alive now only through her protection and if he takes away the soul they'’ve given her lover she will make sure his family stays alive. Sadly, at that moment, Spike comes swinging out of that wagon, having clearly drained the occupants.

Seeing a dead end, Darla snaps the leaders neck. Spike questions Darla’s wide eyed stare, but she doesn’t respond. As Dru sing-songs ‘they cried out for mercy’ repeatedly.

Darla orders them to spare none.

The Trial

Drusilla reappears from parts unknown to re-vamp the dying Darla. The blonde struggles against Dru, terrified, but can’t stop the vampire from forcing her to drink her blood.


The “classicist” Drusilla, is extremely giddy to find herself once more becoming a “mother”. She goes on and on to Holland, Lindsey and for some reason, Lindsey’s landlord about how exciting it all is.

The land lady tells Angel as much and that Dru wants her child born near the stars and thoughtfully tells Angel that she tried to tell Dru that you can live your whole life in LA without actually seeing a *star*

But Dru wasn’t talking about celebrities. At a rooftop greenhouse, Drusilla is seen pulling up shades from the window to reveal the star ridden sky. Drusilla sets up shop for Darla to rise in a flower nursery, she doesn’t believe that she’s killed Darla at all, but has re-created her.

Holland enters with Lilah and compliments Dru’s looks, saying she’s positively glowing and tells her if there’s anything she needs, she knows where to find them. But Drusilla is good for the go, just a few more preparation she herself needs to make.

Cutting to later, Angel drops to the rooftop landing outside the greenhouse. He sees the box but this time Darla is not laying on top of the dirt. He begins to sift through it, clearing it away until Darla is revealed a few inches beneath, her face covered by a shroud. Angel lifts the shroud too look at her one last time before pulling out a stake and moves to kill Darla.

Luckily, Dru’s there to look out for her daughter. She slams him from behind with a shovel and he falls to the floor, dropping the stake. He gets up and Drusilla hits him again, saying that she saw him coming, the moon showed her.

As they fight though, Darla awakens, bolting upright and looking frantically about. Angel finally gets the upper hand on Dru and knocks her down, he quickly grabs the broken shovel handle and goes to stake Darla only to find the box empty. He looks around, but can’t find her. When he turns back, Darla grabs him by the throat and lifts him off the ground. Dru is pleased that Darla has awakened and is better, but this startles Darla and Angel uses the opportunity to get free of her grip. He shove her back and picks up the stake. Dru lunges at him and knocks him to the ground, not about to let anyone hurt her newest child.

Darla throws Angel across the greenhouse when he grabs her. She then does the same the Drusilla. As Angel and Darla crash through the windows out of the greenhouse, Dru goes after them and gets jumped on by an angry, confused Darla. Drusilla laughs.

Angel grabs Darla and throws her off of Drusilla. After some more fighting, Darla jumps off the roof. Angel looks around to see that Dru has left as well.

We find out that Drusilla left to go to Lindsey’s office at Wolfram and Hart, and is hiding in the shadows when Holland enters. He mentions an old wine and Dru shows herself, saying she knows of it, having had it before. Holland apologizes for not greeting her, he wasn’t aware she was there. He gives Lindsey a stern glare, which Lindsey shrugs off. He asks if everything went well, but Dru’s worried about her daughter, the building was quite tall. Lindsey reassures her that Darla is a survivor.

Dru says that Angelus wasn't happy, and Holland bristles slightly when she hears that Angel found them. Dru also tells them, with a smile, that Angelus is on his way and he is very cross. Holland assures Lindsey and Dru that they've taken precautions against Angel and the only important thing to do it reunite Dru and Darla.

Just then the phone rings, an untagged vampire is loose inside the building. It’s Darla, still extremely disoriented. Dru throws her arms open wide and Darla grabs her hand, and they run out of the office.

On a crowded street, Darla is throwing Drusilla around and generally beating her up. Drusilla doesn’t block any of the blows or throw any. Darla picks Dru up and throws her into the street, when Dru gets up a car hits her. The driver gets out of the car anxiously but Drusilla rises again, completely unscathed but looking slightly dazed. Darla jumps towards Dru and slams her against a parked car. She wants to know why Drusilla made her into a vampire.

Drusilla tells her she thought Darla *wanted* to be a vampire. To be saved from death.

Darla softens as Dru starts to cry, and she hugs the brunette. Darla kills an annoying guy yelling at them to get out of the road. When Darla returns to Dru, Dru taps her on the nose and smiles. They decides to go shopping and walk off hand in hand down the street.

At a clothing store, Dru and Darla are trying clothes on. A phone rings and Drusilla looks amazed, she starts dancing saying she's ringing all over. She asks if Darla hears it too. Darla reaches into the bodice of Dru's dress and pulls out a cell phone. Dru smirks, she forgot about that.

Darla answers the phone, it's Holland. She assures him that she is back to her old self.

He knows the two gals have been off having a little fun, but suggests something bigger, like a massacre. Drusilla smiles, licking her lips while Holland guarantees them the full support of W&H.

Darla thanks him and hangs up, then smiles, thinking they need some shoes to match their new outfits.

She calls for a clerk, walking over to a woman who is injured, crawling on the floor away from them. Darla snaps her neck when she doesn’t help and groans about the lack of good help.

Cutting to Holland’s wine cellar, the party is interrupted by Dru and Darla. They immediately make everyone nervous

Darla explains that Holland’s wife invited them in and Drusilla licks her lips, saying she was very sweet. Holland pales. Darla tells them they’re more than happy to give W&H what they want, a massacre and she and Drusilla both change into vamp face.

Darla is angry at being used by W&H and begins ranting. Drusilla walks over to Lilah and caresses her face, saying it’s soft. When Lilah nervously mentions she moisturizes, Dru thinks it’s awfully thoughtful.

Drusilla says she can hear sirens, "they don't know if the world will be there in the morning." Lilah thinks that maybe the police are coming, but Lindsey knows better, saying Dru’s sensing that the building was originally a bomb shelter before converted to a wine cellar.

Dru continues talking about the terrified people huddled in masses. Holland nods, saying that’s probably what it was like, when Darla mocks that Drusilla is talking about now.

When Holland nervously says nobody’s going to die, Dru begins swaying back and forth behind him, he turns his head several times, confused and uncomfortable with her.

Darla comes and puts one arm around Dru (and one around Holland) and tells Dru they’re next place simply *must* have people cellar.

Angel arrives at Holland's and is invited in by Holland's dying wife. Drusilla senses him when he walks into the building, cooing “daddy’s home” but when he comes down, she frowns, "it's not daddy, it's never daddy."

Darla wonders mockingly if he came to punish them, to which Dru becomes enthusiastic, she’d like that very much, promising to be bad.

When he ignores her she pouts that he "soul sick" and not even thinking of his real family. She grabs a nearby man and jerks his head down, he’s only thinking of *them*

When Angel leaves the lawyers and Holland's employee’s at the mercy of Darla and Dru, she smiles leaning in towards the door quietly saying, "daddy."


Lindsey opens the door to his office and is greeted by Drusilla sitting in his chair and Darla sitting on his desk.

Lindsey closes the door and the only four people to survive the wine cellar are alone. Darla assures Lindsey and Lilah that they are both safe from the vampires and that they left the two lawyers alive so that they could keep the line of communication with W&H open.

Darla wants power. Drusilla'’s more or less along for the rid, laughing and making small comments from the background during the scene. Later, at a complete dive where vampires and demons are fighting each other, Darla and Dru work their way into the circle and introduce themselves. The demon who just won the fight isn’t impressed and says he’s never of them. Dru, who’s standing behind him, rips off his ears. She makes a weighing gesture and looks down at them in questioning.

They now have the crowds attention.

Darla announces that she and Dru are the only game in town and that they are looking for the elite fighters in town, to join them

Among the crowd is a vampire in game face, wearing a hooded sweatshirt with a hood. It's Angel.

When he passes behind Drusilla, she senses him and starts to wander off of Darla’s reason for being there saying, “You’ll never be alone again” what Angel tells Darla before getting re-vamped. Darla begins to freak, but Dru continues, saying he’s watching her still. Darla looks around, but doesn’t see him. Dru says, he remembers when she "was warm." Darla snaps at her, telling her to shut up. She quickly finishes with the crowd and they leave.

Later, Darla and Dru exit a different bar. Drusilla pouts that she didn't like the bartender at all, his eyes got stuck on her fingers. She puts them in her mouth, licking them clean. Dru comments that Darla seems tense, and Darla tells her that creating a legion of demons is stressful.

Drusilla tells her "he won't leave" and Darla is getting real annoyed with the subject of Angel. Dru reflects that it doesn't matter how many soldiers they have, he'll still come. Darla claims to not care, she just wants to have fun and cause mayhem.

Drusilla senses that Darla misses Angel, "like a heartbeat." Darla angrily declares that she does not miss being human. The heartbeat was a symptom of a disease she's since been cured of.

When Darla sarcastically says Angel is probably "flogging himself in a church somewhere." Drusilla smiles, liking the "flogging" imagery, but scowls at the "church" part.

Dru stops suddenly, and says she sees fire. Darla assumes Drusilla is merely commenting her remarks about burning the city, but Dru continues on, talking about the pain, suffering , dancing flames and the music of screaming.

Darla turns towards her, it'’s obvious Dru’'s off in her own world somewhere.

Angel arrives at the rundown auto repair shop hosting Darla and Dru's tryouts and slides open the door. Several demons are inside, intending to audition. Angel drops the bag and arms himself with the ax as the demons stare at him.

Darla and Dru are walking towards and old auto repair shop.

Darla stops to recap what’s going to happen. Dru isn’t too concerned, but notes that she really likes the place, and that it smells of death. Darla tells her what she’s smelling is motor oil, but Dru still likes it, thinking it’s like a castle.

When Darla wonders which of the lawyers will be left alive, Dru notes that she likes Lilah, she’s wicked.

When Dru moves to open the door, she senses ‘little tin soldiers’ dead. When she slides the door open there’s bodies of the almost-army strewn about. Behind them, is Angel, sitting on a car and smoking. He drops the cigarette and we see a line of gasoline. It goes all the way to wear Darla and Dru are standing, and they go up in flames.

We know understand that Drusilla'’s earlier vision of flames and screams was about Dru and Darla themselves.

They run away from the shop and Darla uses a sledgehammer to break a fire hydrant. They both get drenched in the water, and the flames go out.

Drusilla continues screaming and crying and Darla hugs her close, wondering who that was inside. It was Angel and it wasn’'t Angelus.

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