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School Hard (Season 2 Episode 3)

The season's Big Bad and two latest vampires to invade Sunnydale crash through the Welcome sign and make their way to the abandoned factory, introducing themselves to the Anointed One and his followers. Punk-rock Spike, witty and brutally sarcastic, immediately has everyone's attention when he mentions he's killed two Slayers. That is, until his classically tragic girlfriend, Drusilla intrudes on the boasting. Dressed in Victorian white lace and with a languid stride, she's portrayed as gothic and surreal in the very first scene.

We immediately see these two as co-dependant, and for the first time we see the softer side of vampires when the originally aggressive Spike turns into a faithful puppy before our eyes, cooing and cuddling his girlfriend who is quite obviously insane, and, oh yeah—clairvoyant.

Poor Drusilla was attacked by what must have been a particularly vicious mob in Prague, to the point that she's been declared dead in the Watchers Diaries. (( on that note: we'll later see Angel drenched in Holy Water, drained of strength and Spike with a broken spine. None of those tortures ever took such a toil on a vampire as Dru's angry mob. )). As a result she's been left terribly weakened.

She convinces Spike to join in the preparation ritual for the Night of Saint Vigeous (( with minimum complaining on his part )) and promises to eat someone in his absence.

Whether or not she had any input on his crashing Buff's high school Parents Night is doubtful, (( as Drusilla is rather magically inclined and would probably have liked the Night of Saint Vigeous and the power it promised)) though she's nothing but supportive when Spike comes back with a possible Joyce-induced concussion and less than complete army.

The Anointed One, who's too All Work and No Play for them, simply must be killed off. With his death Spike takes over as leader of the Hellmouth and we get once more get a shot of the sugary side of Vamps as Spike and Dru walk hand in hand around the unconscious vampire, who tried to save the Anointed One, and go watch some television.

Halloween (Season 2 Episode 6)

What's supposed to be the quietest night of the year for demonic activity turns into absolute chaos, curtsy Ethan Rayne. By invoking the power of Roman God, Janus, (( and opening a Halloween shop )) he transforms half the citizens of Sunnydale into their costumes.

Which prompts Drusilla to ask the ever popular question, "Do you like my insides? The parts you can't see?"

Drusilla shines in her brief air time by proving that she'll be a worthy adversary once she has her strength back. Her talent for seeing the future, distorted as her vision may be.

Lie to Me (Season 2 Episode 7)

Drusilla sings a lovely song before stopping to terrorize a little boy waiting in a park for his mother to pick him up. Luckily for the boy, Angel is there to step in. After getting the boy to run home, he turns around not to stake Drusilla but to offer her an out. He tells her to take Spike and get out of town. This doesn't fit into Dru's plans, however, and she tells him that their meeting is just the beginning of things. He watches her walk away leisurely before turning and walking in the opposite direction.

From above, Buffy spies the duo and jumps to the conclusion that Angel is seeing another gal on the side. She gets a pick-me-up the next day, though, when Ford, a friend from Hemery, shows up at school.

Meanwhile… Spike isn't taking the news of Drusilla's rendezvous with Angel well either, snapping when she unintentionally avoids the conversation… and quickly taking it back when she starts to cry. The overall feel is that Spike is jealous of Angel when it comes his girl.

Ford turns out to be the not-so-best person to trust when he shows up at Spike's doorstep ready to cut a deal that will make him immortal. Spike doesn't give him much of a chance to plead his case before attacking; we once more get to see Dru's control when it comes to Spike, halting further assault with a calming hand on his shoulder. Ford jumps to the chase, saying that in exchange for immortality he will hand over the Slayer (( along with a whole basement filled with vampire-wannabe's )). It's also during this scene that Spike obtains the book that contains the cure to Drusilla's weakness.

Angel later visits Buffy and she confronts him about Drusilla. Reluctantly, Angel confesses his history in brief with Drusilla. Sparing the grueling details he tells her that when he first saw Dru, she was a chaste young girl and that he drove her insane by killing everyone she loved and visiting every mental torture on her he could devise. She fled to a convent and on the day she was to take her vows, he turned her into a vampire.

The next evening, Buffy follows Ford to the vampire-cult bomb shelter where she becomes knowingly trapped. She saves the people in there with her by taking her own hostage—Drusilla. Spike, not about to let his lady become dust, releases his own victim (( re-occurring character Chantarelle [a.k.a. Lily, Anne] )) and allows the others to escape. Buffy tosses Dru down the stairs to Spike.

What's My Line? (Season 2 Episodes 9 & 10)

Spike is struggling to decode translations from the book stolen from the Library with Dalton doing most of the work and Drusilla sitting at the other end of the table, drawing a reading of Tarot Cards. After wailing on Dalton during the frustrating work of being unable to translate the manuscript, Spike snaps at Dru when she asks him to dance.

Hurt, she starts to whimper and he rushes to her side. Gone is the cruelty he showed to Dalton, and once again Dru brings out the sugary side of him as he begs and pleads for her forgiveness. Dalton smiles at the couple, visibly relaxing, but when Spike returns to work on the text, he screams and yells at the poor vampire. Dru raises her hand to stop him from further assault, but Dalton can't escape a hard punch to the stomach.

But Dru's already found the solution to reading the book that will cure her illness. They're lacking the key that will make sense of the gibberish code it's written in. She sees where it can be found and Spike not only sends Dalton and some muscle off to a mausoleum to find the du'lac cross, but picks up Dru and dances around the room with her.

It's Drusilla's Tarot deck (( and most likely her physic abilities )) that not only lead Spike through the steps to restore her health, but progress and at time narrate the episode.

Buffy, however, interrupts the vampires raiding the du'lac tomb for the Key. Dalton escapes with the Cross, and Spike holds it up to Dru to confirm it's the tool they need. It is, which should bring a smile to their faces, but when Spike hears of the Slayers trouble, he's is none-to-pleased with the interference, especially when it comes to his girl getting better.

Drusilla becomes concerned as he begins breaking things in her room and he decides to call in the Order of Taraka, the big guns, (( or, as Dalton calls it, 'overkill' )).

Dru sees them in her spread, three of the assassins coming to her 'party'

Much weaker we later see that Drusilla has figured out the key to her cure minutes before Spike and Dalton have it all sorted out.

Spike buy's a weakened Angel from Willy the snitch to hand over to Drusilla, and now all that's left is that night's full moon and Angel's death for Drusilla to be fully restored.

But before he dies, Dru can't resist one last night with Angel, to which she spends torturing him with Holy water, taunting him with the memories of her family and the way he killed them. While she seems awfully upset, it's extremely doubtful she cares for her mortal past or the deaths he caused over the centuries.

Spike's jealousy is not only transparent, but almost leads to the pre-mature death of Angel. Thankfully, he's still a sucker for Dru and all things Dru related, the moment she says stop, he does. Stake inches from their Sire's heart.

In on of Sunnydale's many churches, we find Spike mid-ritual, holding the du'lac cross with a gloved hand. Drusilla is no longer dressed in her flowing white dresses, but in a black Victorian get up. She and Angel are bound together, and Spike uses a hidden dagger inside the du'lac cross to stab into their hands, allowing their blood to flow together. Energy is shown flowing into Drusilla from Angel, but they are once more interrupted by Buffy. Spike sets fire to the church and works to get Dru out of danger.

Spike suffers a broken spin for his efforts to get Drusilla out of the burning church, surrounded by two slayers, but in the end, Drusilla rises restored to health and eerily carries the paralyzed Spike out of the charred church to safety.


Drusilla is throwing herself a much deserved party that was promised to her by Spike all through her time as a weak vampire.

So, they're assembling an indestructible demon called the Judge, who has been broken into parts that have been spread all throughout the world. Buffy, however, has a prophetic dream that not only clues her into the fact that Drusilla's still alive, but that she's up to no good.

She stops Dalton from delivering the arm, and Drusilla's wrath is just as bad, if not worse, than Spike's. Not interested in hearing his side of things, she calmly puts her finger to his lips to silence him then crushes his glasses beneath her feet and tells him to make a wish before threatening to poke his eyes out for losing her present.

In this turn of events, it's Spike's turn to defend the bookish vampire, and Drusilla taunts him, pretending to thrust her fingers into his eyes before bending down and replacing the broken spectacles and sending Dalton off for a second chance.

This time, they ambush the Slayer and Angel and are able to get the goods and they re-awaken the Judge, who is weakened from long years of being dead. He points a threatening finger towards Dru, but instead settles for sucking the humanity out of (( and thereby killing )) Dalton.

The Slayer and Angel rush into the factory, only to find it's too late to stop Dru from assembling the judge, only to find it's too late. The Judge senses them hiding in the rafters and are quickly captured and brought to Dru and Spike. Drusilla mentions that she only dreamed Angel would come to her party, which may or may not be taken literally.

Buffy and Angel get out of the Factory on nothing short of luck, and Dru orders the vampires to re-capture the duo, to which, they don't.


While Spike complains of boredom, Drusilla has sensed the return of Angelus she feels his pain as his soul leaves his body and collapses, crying, onto the floor. When Spike asks what she's seeing, she reply's with a sinister smile.

Later, she's seen naming all the stars (( the same, no less. )) She obviously does not actually know what happened to Angel, as when he returns to the factory she's just as eager to see him burn as Spike is. Dru, however, is first to realize why he will not. Excitedly, she walks on the table, waving her arms in the air, happy to be a family of three. No one's particularly concerned with how it happened.

Dru looks forward to destroying the world, but agrees to give Angelus one night to torment and try to kill Buffy by himself, as that's the only thing he's interested in at the moment. When he comes back from taunting the Slayer, Drusilla defends his reasons for not killing her, having remembered (( what with her personal experience )) that he's more interested in *hurting* his obsessions than killing them. She trusts that he knows what he's doing, and if not, at least they all get to have some fun.

Drusilla sits on Spike's lap, giving him a kiss goodbye before going out to take out half the population of Sunnydale, to which the Judge responds to with disgust. They are stopped, however, and Drusilla is not happy, hysterically crying and running off in the opposite direction.

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

Drusilla now, happily, has two men fighting for her affection. But while Spike gives Drusilla expensive and stunning jewelry Angelus wins her over with a fresh human heart, from a quaint shop keeper.

However, it's apparent that Angelus is more into the gift giving to upset Spike than to please Dru when he mocks Spike's thoughtful gift and puts the necklace on her himself, saying it's easier when he does things, despite the *pity access* Dru allows him.

Is he right?

Yeah, probably.

While Dru has always held great affection for Spike, she has always been malevolent than him, and overall, far more sadistic (( as compared to Spikes 'Just kill 'em already' approach. )) she is colder than he is, and undoubtedly insane.

Later, in the not to be missed scene, while Angel pulls Xander out of Buffy's Bedroom window. He obviously plans to leave a Valentines gift for Buffy in the form of one dead Xander. However, Drusilla, has other plans. Under the spell Amy wove for him, Dru effortlessly pulls Angel up and throws him into a tree. He hits hard and slides down.

Drusilla and Angel argue, but he backs off when he realizes that Dru really *does* want Xander. She offers him eternal life and goes for the kill. Luckily for Xander the mob shows up and Willow shoves Dru away. As they run into Buffy's house, Drusilla is unable to follow (( to which Angel is all too happy to taunt her with ))


At the not-so-abandoned factory, Drusilla brings Spike a puppy (( and in classic Drusilla fashions, mentions that her owner died… without a fight )) meant to cheer him up. Spike, however, isn't having it and becomes angered at the way she's treating him.

Angelus continues to taunt Spike by flirting shamelessly with Drusilla and using every chance he can get to mock his paralyzed state. Tension is high between the two men, and Dru couldn't love it more.

That is, until a vision assaults her, warning her that Jenny Calendar is up to no good. Drusilla shows up at the shop Jenny visited, with Miss Sunshine and demands to know what the mean teacher wanted.

Drusilla, having found out that Jenny has found a way to restore Angelus' soul, warns him of it and Angelus goes to Sunnydale High to take care of the problem.

I Only Have Eyes For You

Angelus has found a new place for the trio to live, as well he should - as it was his fault their old place was burned down, and Drusilla is loving it. She's completely wowed by the mansion, saying it's fairyland. Spike doesn't exactly share her sentiments, saying it's too open for sunlight to get through. Angelus shuts him up with a few flirtatious moves on Dru.

Later, Drusilla is sifting through the dirt around some flowers, debating on sleeping underground like the animals do when she has a vision of a 'gate' at the high school opening and calling for the Slayer. While Spike prompts her for more information Angelus playfully crawls towards her. When she mentions that Buffy is dancing with death and waiting for Angel, Spike scoffs saying that Angelus hasn't really been up much on killing the Slayer.

Drusilla gleefully smiles when Angelus grabs her waist and pulls her close and her head falls back while coos with delight when he crouches down, walking his fingers her side. Angelus chuckles evilly while Spike looks on extremely angrily.

Later, after being possessed and scrubbing himself clean of icky feelings of love, Angelus and Drusilla go out to catch a bit. Drusilla thoughtfully does ask if Spike would like to come along with them and puts on her prettiest pout when Angelus complains that they don't have time to drag him along.

But Spike's certain he'll be having fun shortly, as he kicks his wheelchair aside angrily.


Finally! Our first glimpse into Drusilla's past.

It's London, 1860.

We learn several things about the girl Drusilla was before turning into the elegant, mad and unholy creature she is today. Turns out she was a young "cockney lass whose family were coal miners". She was also a devote Catholic. We see her entering a confessional just as the

An arm falls out of the curtain where the priest should be waiting, muted noises of a struggle are heard and the arm is pulled back inside. Angelus is seen inside the booth and is clearly startled with Drusilla speaks (( unaware the real priest has just been murdered )). Angelus listens as a terrified Drusilla calls herself evil for having 'visions' and that tells how her mother said they were signs from the devil. Angelus confirms her Mother's thoughts, telling her she is in fact a spawn of Satan. Shaken and shocked, she asks what she can do, and he tells her to fulfill his plan and just be evil.

This causes mortal Drusilla to sob, and beg for penance. With a roll of his eyes, he offers her penance. Before leaving he stares at her through the barrier, raising his hand to the lattice and eerily tells her, "God is watching you."

And at that, we are taken back to the present in 1998 where Drusilla is seen gliding down the stairs to the garden where Spike sits reading a newspaper.

She announces that the moon was whispering all sorts of dreadful things to her and that something terrible was coming and that it is at the museum.

Angelus is awed by her powers (( as he should be )) but Spike breaks Dru and Angelus apart by mocking that she read it in the morning paper.

At the museum, Drusilla quickly takes out the doctor examining the runes and they pack it up and take it back to the mansion.

Spike and Drusilla are standing in front of the tomb as Angelus explains that it has the power to literally suck the world into hell. Acathla is stone but all they need to do is pull the sword from its chest after performing a ritual to become worthy.

Angelus wastes no time, going through the ritual to awaken Acathla, but it fails. Drusilla immediately freaks, while Spike taunts the irate Angel and hides his laughter.

A seething Angelus declares that they're just going to have to go to an old friend for help.

While Angelus keeps Buffy distracted Drusilla takes a small team of vampires to the high school. Kendra does her best with the vampires, until Drusilla appears. Dru blocked many of the Slayers punches, landing a few herself until able to hypnotize Kendra, she then slashes her throat… with her nails (( Note: Dru's just *too* cool ))

She orders the other vampires to get what they've come for and two vampires drag the unconscious Giles from the library.

Spike takes this time to have a run in visit with the Slayer, making his first truce with her in order to get Drusilla back as well as save the world. She agrees to let him and Dru leave town unharmed so long as Spike backs her up during the fight and keeps Giles safe.

Back at the mansion, Angelus is having no success in getting the needed information out of the Watcher. Seconds away from breaking out the chainsaw, Spike calls on Drusilla.

Out to have some fun, she cleans his wounds and plays the perfect nursemaid, going so far as to getting into his mind and having him see with his heart. She runs her hands over his eyes and when he looks back to Drusilla she's suddenly changed into Jenny.

Weakened and confused, Giles reveals to Drusilla/Jenny that it is Angel's blood that will awaken Acathla and they share a passionate kiss. The seconds tick by until Angelus and Spike have to speak up, getting Dru's attention away from Giles. She smiles a little and apologizes, saying she was 'in the moment'. When dawn comes, Buffy invades the mansion Just in time to stop the ritual. Angelus mocks that she'll never be able to take on everyone when Spike wails on him with a fire poker. Drusilla, taken aback and angered by the betrayal, attacks Spike and sends them both plummeting to the ground. She scratches up his face and pins in to the wall by his neck. He slaps her arm away and punches her in the face, and so on and so on.

While they fight, Angelus gets up from the ground and rushes to the statue, pulling out the sword and successfully awakening Acathla. Drusilla is immediately distracted, letting down her defenses to watch the light coming from the statue, smiling and announcing what we all know. 'here he comes'.

Spike uses this opportunity to snap up behind her and grab her about the throat with his arm, choking her until she passes out and falls into his arms unconscious. He picks her up, carrying her out of the mansion, to the car, and out of the country.

Fool For Love

It's London 1880 and William has just been rejected by the unattainable Cecilly. Sulking, he leaves the party and on his way home, walking the streets he bumps into a trio, catching Drusilla's attention. She quickly catches up to him, finding him alone in an alleyway crying.

Drusilla easily seduces the self-conscious William, who's peers have looked down at him, and lady-love said he was beneath her. Dru quickly to denounce such things, saying "Oh, I see you. A man surrounded by fools who cannot see his strength, his vision, his glory."

Getting closer she continues, weaving lovely and poetic words around him, telling him his wealth, to her, lies in his spirit and imagination. "You walk in worlds the others can't begin to imagine."

William is charmed and nearly speechless by her insight, obviously believing himself deeper than those around him as well.

Drusilla is vague when she asks if he wants "it" but when her face changes and William's reaction is by far more one of confusion than fear.

Later, we see Darla, Angelus, Drusilla and William holding up in a coal mine. Angelus is holding him against the wall, pinned by the neck. Darla and Dru watch from behind Angel as William declares his name as "Spike" he's a complete 180 from the mortal boy we saw before.

Spike, much like his mortal counterpart, is looking for attention. To the point that it usually ends with the vampires fleeing the area. This does not make Angelus happy.

We also learn that it wasn't just season two's Angelus that never got along with Spike. Turns out they were never friends as they argue, coming to blows in the coal mine. Darla and Dru look on eagerly, neither moving to intervene.

Darla sing-song's to Drusilla, "I think our boys are going to fight."

Drusilla's response is to clap her hands giddily, neither of the girls thinking their respective boy's will get badly hurt. Dru's reply is cryptically laced with lunacy as usual and gets a slightly bewildered look from Darla.

Angelus is annoyed when his efforts to make Spike come around to his way of thinking fail, and in China, 1900 we see that Drusilla is all too happy that Spike *doesn't* follow in Angelus' footsteps when he takes out his first Slayer inside a Buddhist Temple.

It's the Boxer Rebellion and Angelus has already been cursed with a soul leaving Darla, Drusilla and Spike traveling together. Dru is completely wowed by Spike's achievement, lustfully talking to him.

He grabs Dru around the waist and holds her tightly to him, saying "the blood of a Slayer is a powerful aphrodisiac" She looks at him hungrily and he offers her a taste, holding up a blood coated finger. She seductively sucks on it, moaning her delight

Spike smirks and picks her up, slamming her against a nearby wall and they passionately kiss, pulling off one another clothes as they sink to the floor.

Later, we see Dru has found herself a new coat and she 's happily leaning against the confident, no longer overcompensating, Spike drunkenly. They meet up with Darla and Angelus in the middle of the chaos ridden streets.

When Darla asks where they've been, this time it's Drusilla's turn to giddily want to tell everyone what's going. Angel remains eerily neutral, if not somewhat melancholy to hear that Spike killed a Slayer. Drusilla, however is distracted from the conversation smelling the intoxicating fear

South America, 1998

Spike paces outside an outdoor café before Dru, who is sitting nearby, looking angry. (( Note: Her nails are blue. ))

Drusilla wants to know why Spike never killed the Slayer, and the very real impression is made that when she says "Why can't you kill her?" she's not talking about the physical Buffy Summers.

Spike argue that Dru's the one who keeps bringing up the Slayer, he hasn't said a word about her since they left after the Acathla incident.

But to Drusilla that's not true, because, as she says, she can see Buffy floating around in his head. He can't stop thinking about her.

And yet, Dru keeps punishing him by making out with random creatures. For example, the one he caught her making out with on a nearby bench. Hey, it's a chaos demon, go figure *g*

She complains that Buffy is alive, she's physically alive and she's alive within Spike and she can't stand it anymore.


Drusilla arrives via train back into Sunnydale after a three year absence. She's killed everyone on the train and left a doll with a blindfold tied around it's eyes in the luggage compartment.

The next night, Dru is waiting for Spike in his crypt after he was rejected by Buffy. She announces herself as "a happy memory" and she's come to make everything right again.

Dru gives Spike the skinny from LA nostalgic to reunite the four vampires all be a family again. Spike's not too keen on her plans, however, but when he starts listing why, she interrupts him, saying he needn't lie. Dru already knows about the chip, saying "Tin soldiers put funny little knick-knacks in your brain. Can't hunt! Can't hurt! Can't kill!" she jerks her head violently to the side on each 'can't' in an imitation of Spike being zapped. But Drusilla doesn't believe in science. She doesn't believe in things people can't see.

Which is just too classic coming from Dru.

In less than a minute she's able to re-convinced him that he's the killer she knew from the past and that "No little tinker toy could ever stop him from flowing."

They share a moment as she finally convinces him that chip or no-chip they belong together, they are both vicious killers. And Harmony comes in, ruining the moment. She assumes that 'drood-zilla' is actually an imposture. Drusilla gives her an elegant Talk-To-The-Hand. Smirking when Harmony calls Spike 'boo-boo-bear' Dru watches, not at all concerned and waits for Spike to toss Harmony out.

Later, we see Spike and Dru enter the Bronze. They go immediately to the dance floor, they dance sensually, until Dru looks up, spying the perfect victims. Two teenagers are alone in the rafters making out, Drusilla spins so her back is pressed up against Spike's chest and tilts his head upwards towards the groping couple.

Drusilla snaps the girls neck and hands her over to Spike while she takes the boy. With little hesitation, Spike drains the girl.

Buffy comes up from Spikes would-be basement having seen the Buffy-Shrine, to see Spike crouched next to the tunnel hole with blood still on his lips.

Buffy nervously asks what's happened to which Drusilla replies, "Me" and shocks Buffy with a cattle prod. Spike taunts her a bit, mentioning that his Ex just couldn't live without him anymore and Dru shocks her again, this time the Slayer goes unconsciousness. Dru suggests tying her up to play a little, but Spike's through playing, and Dru smiles, liking that just as much. She hands Spike the cattle prod and turns on her, shocking Dru into unconsciousness as well.

Buffy awakens to find herself cuffed in the middles of a stone arch, Spike standing directly in front of her. Buffy fretfully pulls on the chains, the first words coming out of her mouth being "Drusilla?"

Spike smirks and moves to reveal that Dru is also restrained, tied to a pillar with her hands behind her back. And she is *not* happy.

Dru and Buffy face each other, glaring daggers at Spike. And when he confesses his undying love to the Slayer, Dru bursts out laughing, because she saw it way back in South America. She knew years before Spike ever even came to love Buffy.

He puts a stake to Dru’s chest (( to which she laughs again )). To prove his love, he’s going to kill his ex-girlfriend. This only proves to Buffy that Spike is “sick and miserable and [she] should have dusted him a long time ago”

Spike is aghast at her lack of caring and says “This is Drusilla, girl! You have the slightest idea what she means to me? It's the face of my salvation! She delivered me from mediocrity. For over a century we ... cut a swath through continents. A hundred years, she never stopped surprising me. [she] Never stopped taking me to new depths. I was a lucky bloke… just to touch such a black beauty.”

This still doesn’'t make an impression in the bound Slayer so Spike ups the ante. if Buffy doesn't admit that there is something between her and Spike, he'll untie Drusilla and let her kill the Slayer.

This is obviously much better a scenario in Dru'’s eyes.

So Buffy meets him halfway. He had a chance with her when she was unconscious.

Spike freaks. Screaming that it’s everyone’s fault but his until Harmony shows up with a crossbow, and shots him. She wonders how he managed to forget her *again* as she’s the actual girlfriend. It’s now three to one, but Buffy and Dru are still tied up.

Dru is first to get loose and almost has the Slayer when Spike shoves her away and save Buffy.

Drusilla gets up, declaring that Spike is beyond her help.

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