Canon Info on Dru/Xander

by _-SuN-_

Key Xander/Drusilla Episodes

Their History in Brief

Under a spell, to make all women fall in love/lust with Xander, Drusilla saved him from Angelus and tried to make him into a vampire.

Love Life (canon)

Seasons two through mid-season three Xander dated Cordelia until she found out he was also pining after his best friend (( Willow )). He then dated and was engaged to Anya. Xander broke off the wedding at the worst possible time—on their way to the altar.

Why Xander/Drusilla?

Why not? Xander/Drusilla is rarely done, and when it is… well, I can count on one hand how many of those stories are even worth reading.

5 star Xander/Drusilla moments

Angelus is suddenly grabbed by a person unknown and thrown into a tree. He hits it hard and slides to the ground. Xander naturally assumes Buffy has faced him, until Drusilla's voice is heard, "Don't fret, kitten. Mummy's here."

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