Canon Info on Dru/Spike

by _-SuN-_

Key Spike/Drusilla Episodes

Their History in Brief

Mortal years: Poet. Bloody awful poet, as in, William the Bloody. In love with the unattainable Cecily. Met up with Dru in the back of an alley (( a sadly recurring theme with the vamps on the show, actually )). Died.

Vampire years: Rash and impulsive, he changes not only his manner of speech but his name as well. Now to be known as Spike, after earning the name by torturing his victims with railroad spikes (( re: 'I'd rather have a railroad spike through my head [than listen to William's poetry] )).

Spike sticks close to Dru and while we've seen Darla and Angelus without the duo (( Heartthrob, Dad, etc. )) 1898 has the four hanging out together in Romania sucking on gypsies. 1900 Darla, Dru and Spike are still together. Spike drains a Slayer (( his first )) and gets a scar on his brow. They make love on the spot, Drusilla downright smitten with his achievement. In 1977, Spike gets another Slayer as well as a new black coat.

Spike and Drusilla are attacked by a mob in Prague sometime close to 1996 and Drusilla is nearly killed. Season two officially marks Spike's grand entrance with Dru in search of a cure for Dru's fatigue/illness left over from the attack. It is assumed that this is the first time Spike realizes his grand-sire has a soul. Skip ahead 10 episodes, Angel loses his soul, Spike's stuck in a wheelchair (( organ dropped on his head )) and sits unhappily by while Angelus seduces Dru. He makes a deal with the Slayer, beats on Angelus and Dru and isn't added to the cast for three years. In that time, Dru breaks up with him in South America, he vows to torture her back into liking him but instead shows up with a new girlfriend (( Harmony )) for season 4, gets a government chip in his head, can't hurt, can't hunt, can't kill. Falls in the love with the Slayer. Is marked from Pathetic to a reluctant scooby, to trust-worthy babysitter. Drusilla comes back, expecting him to follow her, like in the old days, but because of his infatuation with Buffy he declines.

Bondage fun ensues and Dru leaves him (( as a matter of fact, so does Harmony and Buffy. ))

Is currently in love with Buffy, and romantically involved with her.

Love Life (canon)

Is with Drusilla for around 118 years, (( Notes: I think it's safe to assume that by Spike's reaction in 'Lovers Walk' that 1998 was probably the first break up they'd ever had. If it'd been an on and off again relationship I doubt he'd be so… distraught. However, as a writer you can take this with a grain of salt *g* )) is seen with Harmony for about 2 years, on and off again, and is currently with Buffy.

Why Spike/Drusilla?

Well, they were canon, so I don't really feel I have to say anything. But, as a S/D 'shipper, I feel I should speak up. Spike has been the only one even able to translate Dru's wacky visions, let alone tell when she's having them (( re: 'Reunion', Darla had no clue about the fire talk. )) He calls her 'Goddess' *awww*.

5 Star Spike/Drusilla moments

Okay, there's almost too many to do this… Their first scene, (( 'School Hard', Season 2 )). I dare anybody to disagree that that wasn't the most adorable vampy moment up to that point. "Eyeballs to entrails, my sweet" from 'Halloween'. Anything from 'Fool for Love'… Actually, just… all their moments are classic, so lets move on.

Classic Mistakes when writing Spike/Drusilla

Writing Spike as Drusilla's babysitter. That's downright classic, if I say so myself. Drusilla, who has not only psychic powers, powerful magical abilities and a Slayer under her belt is suddenly being lead around with a leash by Spike. Heh, yeaaaaah, this is a girl who really needs a man to keep her.

Spike as the dominate member in their relationship. Not only do I believe without a doubt that they are equals, I actually see Spike as being willingly submissive to whatever Drusilla wants/desires. She, who walks calmly up to him, cuts his face with her nail and licks it off without any opposition from him. Who says kill the Slayer and he races to do just that; she even cheats repeatedly on him and he's bowing down begging to be taken back! Just because she's a masochist, does not mean he's the one in charge.

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