Canon Info on Dru/Darla

by _-SuN-_

Alias: Darla
Age: Roughly 393

Key Darla/Drusilla Episodes

Their History in Brief

Darla was the one who originally found Drusilla in 1860, and she was present when Angelus turned her into a vampire. The three of them spent thirty years together before Drusilla decided she wasn't getting enough attention from her two companions. She soon met and killed William. In 1898 we see the four still roaming the earth together, but when Angelus feeds on a gypsy girl and becomes cursed, it's down to three. Darla orders the two younger vampires to destroy the Romany camp, which they happily comply to. Two years later, the three are still together, reeking havoc in an already war-torn China. Darla seems pleased that Spike got himself a Slayer, but when alone with Angelus she can only berate him at the insanity of Angelus trying to save people while Spike, of all people, killed a Slayer. One assumes she doesn't think too highly of the love of Dru's unlife.

We see the duo again, many decades and much black magic later. Drusilla re-vamps the dying Darla in 'Reunion' and they spend a few fun-filled weeks together before a rejected Dru takes off for parts unknown, leaving Darla and L.A. behind.

Love Life (canon)

Technically we've only seen her have any sort of romantic relationship with Angelus, but considering the years before she met him and the years after when he was cursed… I'm gonna bet odds that The Master was sharing her bed at some time… However, I cannot prove it, so for canon purposes, Angel(us) is the only romantic partner she's had.

Why Darla/Drusilla?

Subtext is everything, and oh-so-delicious. If you're a B/F fan, you gotta be a D/D fan!

5 star Darla/Drusilla moments

Darla, in the flashback to 1880 when Dru declares that she feels alone. Angelus reassures her that she isn't, she has them (( himself and Darla )) but Dru argues that, 'You won't hurt me, even a little bit.' To which Darla cheerily replies, 'you just have to ask.' *awww* Reunion! Reunion! Reunion! As a confused and violent Darla beats on Dru, tossing her in the street to get hit by a car. Dru gets up, a tad dazed but unharmed, and Darla pounces on her, demanding to know why she turned her into a vampire. Drusilla replies with a frown that she thought Darla wanted to become a vampire, to be saved from death and icky mortality. Darla immediately registers this and softens in the face of her new Sire's distress before taking the now crying Dru in her arms.

And one more Reunion classic: In Holland's wine cellar, Darla just can't help loving the room, draping an arm over Dru's shoulder (( and the other on Holland's )) and tells her when they get their own place, they "really must put in a people cellar."

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