Beta Readers

Beta readers are people who proof-read your stories. Outside opinion is recommended for any fanfiction writer, as it helps to keep you on track and keep your characters in character.

Below is a list of people who have volunteered to beta Drusilla fanfic. However, all authors should first contact the beta reader to ask if s/he is currently available to beta a story. If you'd like to become a beta reader, please go to the submission page.

Name: Amberina
Specialties: Characterization, oh how I love thee. Can also check for canon details, plot flow, wording, spelling, grammar - pretty much anything you need.
Ratings: R (will read above and below though)
Preferred Pairings: Any
Notes: I don't have time for long fic or works in progress. PWP is a no. Darkfic is my thing. The darker the better. Angst is also very nice.

Name: Angela
Rating: Any rating
Likes: Dru in LA (AtS characters, etc.), well-researched history fic, Anything except Drusilla/Xander.
Dislikes: PWP
Additional: I'd prefer to read for grammar, spelling and characterization, as opposed to giving general comments about a fic - I sound entirely too mean…

Name: Black Rapture
Rating: R- NC-17
Likes: I'm good with punctuation, spelling, and pretty good with brit-picking even though I'm not British.
Dislikes: A lot of Xander. He irritates me. I'll deal with Dawn as long as she's not whining constantly.
Additional: You can AIM me at small poultry

Name: Destiny
Ratings: All.
Likes: Dru/Spike, Spike/Buffy or just wild and crazy Drusilla; especially witty lines.
Dislikes: type casting, bad plots, OOC.
Additional: Have some mind boggling lines that really paint pretty pictures or just make you think and I'll build you a shrine!

Name: Heather
Ratings: Any.
Likes: Darla/Dru, Dru/Angel, Dru/Angelus, dark stuff, metaphor-laden flowery prose stories.
Dislikes: Excessive violence, Dru/Riley, spelling Dru's name "Druscilla" or "Drucilla". It's DRUSILLA. Any stories with other spellings in it will be immediately discarded.
Additional: If you manage to work in Connor or Darla, I'll be your best friend! *g*

Name: Insane Vampiress
Rating: G- NC-17
Likes: Spelling, grammar, some characterization. All pairings.
Dislikes: None

Name: Isabella
Ratings: G - R
Additional: I'll beta pretty much anything.

Name: Karen
Ratings: G - PG-13
Likes: All het pairings
Dislikes: AU stories. If it's not the real thing, then I don't want it.
Additional: I'm best at spelling and grammar, and most characterizations. I tend to be very busy during the school year, but I'm not so much during the summer. What I'm trying to say is it might take awhile for me to get your fic back.

Name: Kate Bolin
Ratings: Any
Likes: F/F slash
Dislikes: Excessive Spike.
Additional: Very busy -- might not have time.

Name: Ms. Selly
Ratings: G- R
Likes: Spelling, some characterization, grammar, etc.
Dislikes: PWP, "little lost lamb" Dru

Name: scy
Ratings: Any and all.
Likes: Dark fiction, anything that pushes at boundaries.
Dislikes: An excess of 'tea and cakes.' Type-casting.
Additional: I try to be firm, but always helpful. which sounds trite-but ah well.

Name: ShuShuFontana
Ratings: Any and all.
Specialties: spelling, characterization, plot development ideas, realism (if applies)
Likes: Dru/Darla, Dru/Spike, Dru/Angel(us), Dru/Willow, Dru/Vampwillow.
Dislikes: Fics where Drusilla is sane… So basically nothing, as long as Dru's there.
Additional: If you're interested in reading my own fanfiction, my profile on is ShuShuFontana

Name: Sibella NEW
Ratings: Any
Specialties: spelling, grammar, characterization
Likes: Dru/Spike, Dru/Darla, Fanged Four, genfics
Dislikes: AU stories, PWP, extreme OOC.

Name: Zachery
Ratings: All.
Likes: Spike/Drusilla/Angelus, Giles/Drusilla
Dislikes: Buffy/Spike, Buffy
Additional: I'm from Germany, so not really good in English. But if you want to write a German fanfiction and aren't sure if there are mistakes, you can send it to me. I thing I can help you.

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