Beneath the Milky Twilight

by Jinni

Characters: Drusilla, Luna Lovegood
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Drusilla feels something off with her 'little sister'. Takes place after the fic "Summon the Shadows".
Disclaimer: All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, et al. All things HP belong to JK Rowling, et al.
A/N: Well, Kaz said she wanted fluff fic and she said she took over the Dru Zone, so … sorta, almost fluff fic for Kaz to put at the Dru Zone.

The little moon was weeping. Great yellow-white tears that drip-dropped down from the stars, dancing down the moonlight. She could feel it in her heart, pitter-pattering under her skin, wet and sloshy. Even the stars knew that the moon was crying, and they sang it in mournful tones.

Drusilla frowned, looking at the dirty little magic school from the edge of the forest, just before where the nasty old wizard's warding spells made her skin tingle unpleasantly. What a waste of a castle, filling it with whining children to scuff the walls and ruin the good china. She would fill it with dolls if it were hers, and throw tea parties in the great hall. The one that her moon-sister talked to her about sometimes, when she came to visit.

Which made her come back closer to the present and the reality it presented. The little moon was crying.


Luna stared up at the canopy covering her bed, wishing that it would just fall down upon her and end this burning pain in her soul. Why her, the thought churned in her mind. Hadn't she already been through enough? Suffered enough? Fought enough? Was happiness ever to be as elusive as a wind sprite?

He'd ended it. Harry bloody Potter had broken up with her after four blissful months. She should have seen it coming, really. At least, that's what she overheard some of her fellow housemates saying. She was too … mousy for him. Yes, that was the word. Mousy. 'Weird' was another. She'd heard them both from teasing lips, mean hearts. He'd been just as nice as ever. He didn't need to be mean, because there were others to do it for him.

And perhaps he wasn't mean-spirited. If she thought on it hard enough she knew that was the case. He was the Boy Who Lived. Not the Boy Who Broke Hearts On Purpose.

She sniffed, sitting up in bed. This wouldn't do, sobbing here while her roommates were trying to sleep. They'd get even more annoyed with her than they already were; and she really wasn't up to playing a rousing game of "Find the Wand" in the morning.

Wincing as her feet came into contact with the cold stone floor, Luna hurriedly threw on some slacks and a sweater. She tied her wispy blonde hair back with a ribbon, toeing on her shoes in the near-darkness.

And then she was off. The halls were dark, deserted as was to be expected so long after their nightly curfew. Even Snape would be in bed by now, not wandering the halls as she was. Filch would be out and about, somewhere, but the likelihood of stumbling into him in a school so large was scarce.

She let her feet carry her where they willed, suppressing her own thoughts for the moment as she did so, lest they turn to Him and her sobs fill the quiet corridors. She was halfway down the back walk before she realized where she was going, a route so ingrained in her mind after the past months, that she knew without a doubt she could have walked it in her sleep if needed. Her heart sped up with terrified excitement, just as it did every single time. What was it about the Forbidden Forest that always drew her so — like a sailor lured to a siren on the open sea? Of course, sirens weren't real. No, her father had told her all about the aquatic Veela that liked to lure men to their doom. That was all a siren really was.

But the idea of it was still the same. Just as they lured men in, only to cause them grief, so did the Forest do to her. Nothing good could come of these ventures. One night she would wander in, never to be heard from again.

"Little Moon!"

Luna stopped short, just outside of the school's gate, a wry smile turning up her lips. Alright. One good thing had come of her Forest visits, as odd as it would seem to anyone that knew about it.

"Dru," she greeted with a nod of her head, bracing herself as the somewhat off vampire ran over to hug her.

"You've been crying, Little Moon. Your skin smells like sea water — salty and pruned."

Luna laughed, despite the situation that had led to her tears, hence her visit to the Forest so late at night. Drusilla saw everything with the eyes of a small child. A small demented child, but a child nonetheless.

It was almost refreshing.

"It's just a couple tears," she shrugged.


"My … boyfriend …" Luna frowned. "He decided that four months with Loony Lovegood was quite enough."

"He broke your heart?" Drusilla growled. "Made it crack and spill? Are you bleeding inside, Little Moon?"

Luna wiped angrily at her face, looking up at the stars. They were strangely quiet tonight, just a hum in the back of her head, as if they didn't want any part of the sadness she was feeling. Was she bleeding inside? Did she hurt?

"Yes, I am," she whispered. "There's one big hole where my heart used to be. He stole it, just like a Brazilian blood-digger. At least they give your heart back when they're done leeching from it."

Drusilla nodded, dark eyes sparkling, though whether or not she had the slightest clue what a Brazilian blood-digger was … Well Luna couldn't even begin to think on that topic.

"Would you like to do the same to him, dearie? Rip out his nasty little heart and bake it into a pie? We can serve it to his mum for bringing such a horrid little boy into the world. Yum, yum!"

Luna winced. She didn't want anything to happen to Harry, even if he had broken her heart into a million little pieces. And the thought of making a pie out of his heart —

She bit back a gag, giving Drusilla a tight smile around her nausea.

"That's okay, Dru. He didn't mean to hurt me. Not his fault he didn't feel the same way."

The vampiress cocked her head to the side, humming under her breath. She paused, a sly smile on her lips. "My Spikey didn't feel the same way I did, either, Little Moon. Men are disgusting, vile animals!"

Luna snorted. "Yes, but … they're useful. They're strong and … they kiss nicely."

Drusilla laughed out loud, clapping her hands together gleefully. "Did he make your tummy tingle?"

"Dru —" the younger woman blushed, glancing over her shoulder at the castle. She'd been out here long enough, even though it was such a short time. "I have to go back. Give the stars my love?"

"I will, Little Moon," the dark-haired vampire nodded. "This summer I shall visit your home and we shall have tea parties until dawn. With cakes and candies?"

"I'm looking forward to it," Luna smiled, impulsively reaching out to hug her one last time before turning back towards the castle. She glanced over her shoulder, giving her 'sister' a smile. This summer would be fun. Her father was already getting his questions together, he'd been quite eager to interview her newfound friend, once he got past the fact she was a vampire.

She'd wake up in the morning and it would hurt a little less. And then a little less the next day, and the next.

And one day, soon, the stars would sing to her again.

- fin -

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