New York Nights

by D. M. Evans

Pairing: Spike/Dru
Rating: R
Summary: It's New York in the 70's and Spike and Dru find themselves a new playmate, the current Slayer.


Spike popped a handful of popcorn into his mouth. Salt, butter and blood flavored it. The boy sitting next to Dru was slumped in his seat, looking asleep. Dru had cut his throat and let the blood coat the popcorn. Dru leaned close to her lover. Her tongue and lips played with the safety pin he had shoved through his left eyebrow. The feel of her cool, wet flesh against him was invigorating but it wasn't the time. He redirected her attention to the screen.

"Watch this, baby. It's bloody great," he whispered, pointing as Obi-Wan Kenobi fought Darth Vadar. Spike loved Vadar. He had style. Han wasn't bad either but was way too goody-goody deep down. Leia needed killing.

"The pretty pictures," Dru purred, snuggling in closer to him.

Spike kissed her quickly as he handed the blood-soaked popcorn to Sam. She was a spiky-haired young vampire who loved Jonny Rotten. Spike could understand that. He'd already worn out two albums of Never Mind the Bullocks, Here Comes the Sex Pistols. But this Star Wars movie blew that away. He remembered the old cinematograph. He never dreamed it could turn into something like this. That was the good part about living forever, all the new exciting things one got to see. Of course, that was the scary part too. Change could be a frightening thing.

Sam passed him back the popcorn and Dru took it. Sam played with Spike's newly bleached hair. She had been the one who prompted him into the spiky platinum look. Sam said it rocked. Dru didn't show quite the same enthusiasm but she remained subtly old-fashioned. He loved that about her. He just wished he could see what he looked like. That was the part about being a vampire that he hated, not knowing how he looked.

He let Dru feed him a few kernels of corn. He sucked on her delicate fingers. Sam bumped him, trying to get him to surrender the popcorn. Someone behind them was moving up the theatre aisle to the loud protests of the crowd. Spike looked over his shoulder seeing a tall, determined-looking woman in a black leather coat. At least her Afro wasn't as view-blocking as the ones three rows down.

The starship sounds from the screen screamed for Spike's attention but there was something about how the woman stared at them, something predatory in her stance. She stopped behind them. With a smooth move, she pulled a stake from her leather coat. Spike was on his feet, yanking Dru after him even as Sam's dust coated their popcorn. Sounds of his and Dru's shoes sticking to the soda-tacky floor and tearing free warred with the sounds of the starship. Moviegoers cried out their protests as Spike and Dru trampled them. They were helpful at least in slowing the woman down. She had to be the Slayer. Spike had no doubt in his mind of it.

He spotted someone letting their kids out at the front of the theater. He dragged the man out of the car, snapped his neck and slid behind the wheel. "Get in Dru!"

She jumped in, slamming the door on the young woman. As she shifted her stake to try and yank open the door, Spike roared away in the stolen Vista Cruiser. He whooped as he ran the red light and sped off. He hit the Major Deegan, heading upstate.

Dru clapped her hands. "That was a Slayer."

Spike looped an arm around her, pulling her against him. She snuggled into his side like she was any other girl out on a date.

"I know baby. Too bad about Sam but a Slayer! It's been nearly eighty years since we've run across one of them." Spike's razor-blade smile cut across his thin face.

"My boy is going to be very bad." Dru giggled. "So bad the nasty nasty Slayer comes looking."

"You know it, baby." Spike kissed her crown. Her hair smelled a little like beer thanks to that 'Hair on Tap' or whatever that shampoo was called. "Have to think up a plan."

Spike took a deep breath in, the silky purple haze that floated over the crowd in Central Park rushing into his dead lungs. He made a conscious decision to forgo the appearance of breathing to avoid the marijuana smoke. The hippie-strewn grass made for the perfect slayground. Spike didn't know the boring folksy music nor cared to but there was more than enough of the flower-children-time-forgot gathered to hear it to make a statement.

Spike glanced at the dozen vampires behind him and waved at the crowd. "Happy feeding my friends. These guys are so stoned they'll never know what hit them."

Spike watched the vampires move off gleefully. He shook his head. Sometimes the mentality of the people who got turned simply made him sad. They couldn't be more foolish than to feed on the drugged with a Slayer around. It put you off your game. Oh, he had fed off a flower child or two in his day but never when a Slayer was in the picture. These minions knew what he was trying to do and they still were willing to disable themselves for a good easy feed. Pitiful.

Spike slipped an arm around Dru's slender waist and pulled her to him. They kept to the fringes as they skirted the show. They looked like a pair of lovers out for a moonlight walk. The quiet carnage unfolding before them didn't seem to be attracting the Slayer but it was still lovely to see and he was all for a high body count. This was exactly the over-the-top thing Angelus used to warn him about.

Dru turned in his arms, stopping him. She pulled him into a kiss. It was a warm wonderful feeling that spread through him making him wish he were somewhere more secluded. Her hands slipped below his waistband. He groaned then a flashlight's beam hit him square in the face.

"Okay, break it up," the cop said, taking out a ticket pad.

"Bloody hell, what's this then?" Spike grimaced as Dru's hands withdrew from his pants.

"I'm citing you for public lewdness, damn hippies," the cop snarled. "What's it look like?"

"Looks like dinner," Dru said, taking the cop to the ground. She drank her fill then kicked him to Spike who finished him off.

"Tasty," Dru said then she stiffened with a slight moan.

Spike steadied her as she swayed on her feet. "Are you seeing something, sweetie?"

"She's coming," Dru pronounced. "Like swirling night, pretty and dangerous."

Spike looked around, seeing nothing out of the ordinary, then panic erupted at one end of the concert crowd. He grinned, seeing the Slayer. She was nearly impossible to pick out of the night with her black coat and dark skin. He watched her move, taking out one vampire then another. She was quick and lethal, almost wonderful to see.

"Like a big cat," Dru said, studying her just as intently.

"You know it."

Spike and Dru held their ground as the Slayer fought her way closer to them. Spike knew she had them in her sights again. Dru tensed next to him as the Slayer finished off two vampires, wiped the blood from a cut over her eye and headed their way.

"Do we fight her now?" Dru asked.

Spike shook his head. Caution, studying the prey, being smart about an attack, these were all good things Angelus had taught him. "Not yet. We need to know more about her."

Taken advantage of the panicking crowd getting in the Slayer's way, Spike led Dru deeper into the shadows, then back into the city proper and finally into the subway system. The Slayer knew they were around. Spike even suspect she knew he had set it up for her as a test. She would be a worthy opponent and when he was done playing with her he looked forward to finishing her off.

The Slayer didn't see Spike at the next big attack he had planned. A Yankees night game provided excellent coverage. He had left Dru at home since she hadn't the patience to sit through a baseball game but from his bird's eye view in the cheap seats, he watched the Slayer dispatch several more minions he had recruited. He learned more of how she fought so he could kill her. She danced up and down the packed tiered seats after a six-pack of sloppy vampires. There was a certain playfulness to her. Spike liked her. He liked her a lot more than the drones he was wedged next to watching the game. He'd need a pack of smokes to get the taste of sweaty, fatty fans out of his mouth.

He knew she saw him the time after that when he and Dru quietly cleaned out the balcony seats at a production of 'Macbeth.' He had chosen 'The Unlucky Play' on purpose given its reputation. He thought a large chunk of the audience dying would add to the mystique. Dru had loved dressing up and seemed to identify with Lady MacBeth. Spike, though he would never admit to it, had enjoyed it too. He had been in love with words as a mortal. It was somehow more satisfying to be well-dressed and to feed on people who didn't reek of hot dogs and beer.

This time the Slayer knew his name and it took a nearly bone-shattering leap off the balcony to avoid her. As it was he did take a stake to the kidneys and Dru properly chastised him for it. It was worth it. This Slayer wasn't just all business. She had style to her and she was hot. He blew her a kiss before taking the leap off the balcony. That last part he didn't share with Dru.

"You look all naughty," Dru said, putting on Spike's eyeliner for him. He had already finished her make-up for her. "I want a bite." She nipped at him.

"Later, love. Are you ready to have some fun?" Spike was hoping for a little relaxation after weeks of winding up the Slayer. He had managed to convince Dru to let go of the past a bit and put on a costume for him — white go-go boots, a miniskirt that barely covered her butt and a plunge necked halter. She looked too good to take out and share.

"Always ready," she said, flicking the safety pin in his eyebrow with her tongue.

Spike growled, nipping back at her. Arm in arm they headed out for Studio 54. Spike knew he had made the right choice in selecting the top club in the city. Dru was entranced by the bright lights and pounding music. Her abilities to mesmerize got them past the bouncers easy as breeze through the trees. The crowd smelled good, ready for sex, for eating, for dying. For the first hour he couldn't get Dru off the dance floor. Not that he minded. He loved to watch her lean body move. The feel of her brushing against him was electrifying. Her brightly painted lips beckoned to him.

Finally she tired of it, ready for a little fun of a different type, and they found a dark corner that a young couple had claimed as their own. Lines of coke still made trails on the table top, forgotten by them as they rutted on a chair. They didn't even have time to be surprised when Spike and Dru killed them. Spike laughed as Dru made an odd cooing noise. Neither of them had ever fed on a cokehead before. The drug was a rush even second-hand.

"I feel all jittery inside. Almost feels like my heart is beating and dancing," Dru said, her hips swaying making her lime green mini skirt play peek-a-boo with her bare buttocks.

"Can't happen, love. We're dead, remember?" Spike said, though the sensation rippling through him certainly felt like it could be his heart kick-started again. He wasn't sure he liked it.

Dru tackled him on the table, a small cloud of white powder rising up around them. Spike swung with her into a vacant chair. His fingers pushed up what there was of her hemline as she straddled him. Dru undid his pants and impaled herself on him. They made love to the frantic beat of the drums. Afterwards Dru rested against his chest, playing with the safety pins through his leather vest. He rested his cheek on the top of her head. It was then he saw her, stalking their way like a panther.

"Dru, baby, we got a fight on our hands," Spike said, standing up, letting Dru slither down him. Spike zipped up his jeans, nearly catching himself in his hurry.

"Spoiling our fun." She pouted.

Spike agreed. He wasn't really ready for the Slayer tonight but that was the problem with riling up those young girls. You never knew when one of them would pop up. He grinned, fangs out, feeling the adrenaline and cocaine racing through his body. Spike felt like he could conquer the world at this point. He met her charge with a howl, scooping her up and slamming her into a table.

It broke; several people screamed and the Slayer rolled to her feet with a determined look on her face. Spike decided she wasn't as young as the first Slayer he killed. He remembered her, how sweet her blood tasted, how hot her death had gotten him. This one promised to be even better. She managed to catch hold of his arm and swing him into the wall. Before she could clear the stake from her pocket, Dru leapt on her back, her teeth grazing the Slayer's neck.

The Slayer flipped Dru over her head and plunged down with her stake. She barely missed Dru's heart. Dru screamed. Seeing the thick piece of wood protruding from his lover's breast, Spike went wild. He tossed the Slayer straight through the window. He turned back to Dru, seeing her pull the offending stake free.

"Get home, baby. You're hurt. This is my fight," he growled and jumped out the window himself.

He didn't wait to see if Dru would obey him. He had faith she would. They had survived this long together and it wasn't going to end tonight. Dru knew to listen to him. He and the Slayer danced, as he liked to call it, down several streets before they tumbled down the subway stairs in a painful embrace. He kicked free of her and leapt onto the train just before the doors closed, hoping to lead her away from Dru. She got on, nearly losing her coat when the doors snapped shut.

It didn't take them long before the car cleared out but no one thought to stop the train. Spike realized these people were almost inured to violence and that thrilled him but not as much as this Slayer's moves. Just watching her try to kill him was better than any aphrodisiac he could think of. Even as she shoved his head through the train window nearly decapitating him, all he could think of was how hot she was. He whooped with the joy of it.

Spike knew he would have to end this here tonight. One of them would have to die and he was determined it wasn't him. After all, Dru would be waiting for him and he couldn't disappoint her. He broke off a piece of the metal handrail and slammed it into the Slayer's face. He almost felt sorry for this feral, seductive creature as he pounded the life out of her with it. She managed to catch the rail and slam him in the face with it.

A wild dangerous thought raced through him as she straddled him, raining blows down on his face. He wanted this woman on top of him but not like this. Still, she really was getting him off. As the train lights flickered, they struggled and he managed to flip her off of him. He got on top of her, thinking of all the things he'd like to do to her now.

He took her face in his hands. For a moment he thought he might kiss her. He could see the terror in her dark eyes. She knew she was going to die now. He didn't disappoint her. There was an almost grateful look on her face as he snapped her neck, as if she was glad to be laying this burden down. He got off of her and pulled the emergency cord. As the train ground to a halt, Spike turned back to her. He remembered how good a Slayer tasted. It was a waste really to kill her as he had.

He stripped off her coat and shrugged it on. He glanced down at her, still turned on and hungry now. He unzipped his pants, no sense in getting them messy if he didn't have to, and he leaned down and sucked hard on the wound he had bitten into her neck to draw forth blood that no longer had a heart to beat it. Too bad he couldn't bring some back to Dru this time. He zipped himself back up, pulled the coat around him, somewhat embarrassed that he was short enough for it to fit him well, and headed off for home.

"I knew my boy would come home," Dru said from where she huddled under the covers of their bed. She was naked with an angry hole through her left breast.

"As if there was any doubt," Spike said, inspecting his new coat before setting it aside. "It's a man's coat. Wonder why she didn't have a woman's."

"Pockets," Dru offered. "Men's coats have better pockets."

Spike grunted as he crawled into bed. "They just might at that." He kissed her. "Are you hurting much, darling?"

Dru pouted. "Hurts like playing in a sunbeam."

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have let her get near you." Spike pressed his lips just over the torn healing flesh.

"My sweet boy takes good care of me." Dru stroked his back.

Spike smiled up at her. "Now we'll have to find something new and fun to do now that the Slayer's gone."

"There'll always be another one to play with."

"That's what I love about this life," Spike said, letting Dru cradle him close.

- fin -

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