Burning Fish Sing

by Woman_of

Pairing: Spike/Drusilla
Rating: PG-13
Setting: January 16, 1936
Summary: Drusilla sees a death. Warning: reference to real execution.

"The burning fish sing a bight song of death," Drusilla cried, as she swayed towards Spike.

"Yes, Princess," Spike said, and opened his arms to her embrace, his body swaying in time with hers. "You always hear the most interesting songs."

"Today, Brooklyn has one less vampire, and Sing Sing watches the lights from the chair."

"Do you see something, my dark plum?"

"Only the bad man has gone." Drusilla smiled.

They would make love in bed until the sun set, then he would get a newspaper. Maybe he could find something there that made sense of Drusilla's sight.

- fin -

A/N: This was the day of Albert Hamilton Fish's execution. His entry at wikipedia can be found here.

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